‘Trick or treating’ on the elderly…

No trick or treating

Halloween is much fun for many children and families, but it can be a scary time of year for the elderly and vulnerable, especially with the potential of strangers knocking on their doors while ‘trick or treating.’

Not opening the door could result in a nasty ‘trick’ being played, which can be very distressing, which is why we’re urging youngsters and parents to think about elderly relatives or neighbours and instead of trick or treating on them, perhaps they can check they are warm and doing ok instead.

If anyone is having a Halloween party, it would be great if they could pre-warn any elderly neighbours, so they don’t feel scared by excessive noise and people in costumes.

Feelings of anxiety around Halloween is also known as Samhainophobia. People with the phobia can feel panic and high amounts of stress throughout the Halloween period.

The thought of what the people at the door might do if they don’t answer it can be particularly worrying, as people have been known to throw eggs, flour, throw fireworks and start fires.

We have created a poster that our service users can display in their window to help deter potential trick or treaters from knocking on their doors.

You can download the poster here.