Elderly benefit from keeping pets at home

Thanks to our homecare services, more and more elderly people are able to stay in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by all their personal belongings and in familiar surroundings. For any who are pet owners, this is hugely beneficial as animals can become a real member of the family and play a big role in their owner’s health and quality of life.

Having to move into a care home and leave your beloved pet behind or give them up can be very distressing, which is why we believe homecare is the best option.

Pets can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure and are great for increasing social and physical activity. They’re also great for reducing depression and can help prevent loneliness.

Caring for an animal on a day-to-day basis can help stimulate an elderly person’s mind and keep them focused on something that isn’t their own physical/health worries. It’s even possible for pets to help with memory loss and access memories from years before.

Cats in particular are an ideal pet for an elderly person as they’re very low maintenance. It is well known that stroking a cat can have a calming effect and helps decrease stress and anxiety levels.

Any elderly people we care for are actively encouraged to look after their pets as they normally would do to the best of their abilities, this includes walking them on a regular basis, if they are able to do so as it’s a great way for them to get up and out of the house. They can even stop and chat with other dog walkers along the way.

However, if one of our service users struggles to walk a pet or needs any assistance with caring for their pet and if stipulated in their care plan, then our homecarers are happy to help with basic needs such as feeding and walking.