About Us

N. Notaro Homes Limited was founded in 1984 by our Managing Director, Nunzio Notaro and his wife Constance. Throughout the last 25 years we have grown considerably and now operate have 10 homes across the South West of England, where we look after many individuals with various conditions and illnesses.  We are proud of our achievements and standards of care and welcome being recognised by fellow professionals as a leading provider of healthcare across the South West.

In 2010 we launched Notaro Homecare as a complimentary service and natural progression from our existing care home business. Notaro Homecare provides care and support for individuals living with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities so they can remain living within their own home.

Our services are available to people from 18 years of age, without discrimination, providing help with personal care and domestic tasks.

At Notaro Homecare we will respect the choices you make about the care and support you need and the way it is to be delivered. We provide a flexible service so you can lead your life how you want to. Each package is specifically tailored to suit you, with your full input right from the start.  And if you want to make changes to the service we provide to you along the way, we will assist you to do this.

We are a business built on the care and support provided by our staff. It is always our aim to improve standards in all aspects of the services we provide. To help us achieve this we will continue to invest heavily in training our staff to help assist the individuals that we care for.

We have one clear objective for Notaro Homecare, to deliver and provide an exceptional service to all our service users, which is ‘all about you’.

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